ciro's corner

Ciro, the official puppy of the STRAX project, would like to warmly welcome you to his corner!

Here Ciro closely follows and monitors the work of the STRAX-team, whilst striving to achieve his own strategic objectives: regular flow of treats and walks. Occasionally he even offers some thoughts for treats, of course in connection to strategic cultures and their change.

Ciro’s summer greeting:

Ciro is excited and ready for the summer season. He plans to swim and storm around parks whilst the rest of the STRAX team is busy preparing their conference papers for the upcoming EISA 2024 conference in Lille!

Ciro’s opening remarks:

I’m happy as a puppy to see the project successfully kicked-off and moving forward! The recent dramatic events in European security environment have made the study of strategic cultures in Europe even more relevant than perhaps anticipated when the team first formulated the project plan. At the same time, particularly during this time of radical uncertainty, there is a need for careful theoretical and empirical research that contributes to knowledge production and understanding of strategic culture more broadly. Stay tuned!